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Camping at Lake Livingston

A few homeschool families wanted to go camping for 3 days/2 nights.  I don’t remember saying that I would go, but some how my name ended up on the list saying that I was attending.  So I thought, “Why not, Kalani will have fun and we will make some memories.”   When I told people I was going camping at Lake Livingston I would  say, “I know I am crazy, you don’t need to tell me.”  Yes, I took an almost 11 month old and a 6 year old camping BY MYSELF…Matt had to work.

Kalani LOVED camping.  She talked about it for 2-3 weeks straight.  And whenever she saw the other moms that would be also going to camp she would show/tell them of her excitement.  We took a walk to the lake to figure out where to go fishing.

Kalani tried out fishing…but she pulled out the hook after 2-3 minutes and would try to cast the line again, but it would just get tangled.  Fishing just isn’t her “sport.”

Mason also enjoyed camping.  He LOVED his sister’s camp chair, which didn’t make Kalani very happy.  He LOVED being with the kids and seeing the dogs the other families brought.  He also went on a swing and LOVED that…pure joy!

The best part of camping…sitting around the camp fire and singing, playing games and telling stories.  Almost all of the kids that went camping are also in a homeschool choir.  Here the girls are singing and doing the motions for “Chapel of Love.”

This life is all about making memories good or bad, so I will probably do this again…camping with the kids while Matt is at work.  You don’t need to tell me that I am crazy…I already know that!  But next time I will be sure to bring an air mattress and hopefully Mason will be walking!

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  1. April 29th, 2010 at 00:01 | #1

    I won’t tell you that you’re crazy. Apparently you already know that. And I’m sure you knew that before the camping trip. We’re going to visit my parents in a couple weeks and my dad was talking about maybe taking Ashton to the father and sons campout. I told him I was all for it, but I personally wouldn’t want to take a 13-month-old tank that’s not yet walking, camping. My hat’s off to you!

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