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1st Year Birthday Party Filipino Style

June 14th, 2013 No comments

The Filipinos know how to throw a party!  I am assuming that the 1st year birthday is a big deal in the Philippines like it is in Hawaii because of tradition.  Years ago children did not live to see their first birthday, so this is a major milestone.  We were invited by a couple that both husband and wife are co-workers of Matt to attend their son’s first birthday.  Of course we went to see how the Filipinos throw a party…and we weren’t disappointed!

Welcome to the birthday party!

Welcome to the birthday party!  All of the boys got an eye patch, bandanna, sword & spying scope.

The set-up was amazing and you still can't see everything that they had in this photo.  We were told that this was an "average" party for a 1 year old!

The set-up was amazing and you still can’t see everything that they had in this photo. We were told that this was an “average” party for a 1 year old!

Party Favors for each child who attended

Party Favors for each child who attended

There were various games that they kids played and after each game they got a prize...this is the prize table

Prize Table – There were various games that the kids played and after each game they got a prize

Each child got a cupcake that was individually decorated.  And this is the  super cool cake

Cake Table – Each child got a cupcake that was individually decorated

At the end of the party program there was a is suppose to be for the kids, but there are a bunch of adults there to make sure their child gets a prize

At the end of the party program there was a pinata

There was a hair stylist available who put fun colors in your hair

There was a hair stylist available who put fun colors in your hair

Super cool face painting was available for anyone

Super cool face painting was available for anyone

Photo booth and props were available for all.

Photo booth and props were available for all.

And some additional fun things that I didn’t get a photo of that were present at the party were:  MC guy who put on a party program for the kids, random photographers who took pictures of the guests and then you could buy each photo for about $1, a small play ground in the corner to use, a sticker booth where you could get your name placed on a Disney character sticker, a candy bar, an adult buffet, a kids buffet, hot dogs, popcorn and popsicles.

It was a really fun party.  I am glad that our kids got to experience it since I don’t ever plan to throw a party for them like this!  It is true what they say, “It’s More Fun In The Philippines!”

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CR Christmas Party – Filipino Style

December 11th, 2012 3 comments

This past weekend Robbie and I joined Matt at CR’s “2012 Year End Party”.  In the Philippines things are done a little differently, and it really is “More Fun In The Philippines!”  All employees of the CR Manila Shared Service Center, know as MSSC, were invited to attend (which means 1,000+ people were there).  They rented out a huge convention type room at the Manila Hotel (former residence of General MacArthur) and we were there from 4:30pm – 12:30am!


The winner of a year long competition was announced between Finance, IT, HR & Downstream at the Year End Celebration

A ginger bread house inside the Manila Hotel lobby…yes real ginger bread and candy. It smelt good enough to eat, and Robbie was hungry!

“Jack Frost” met us at the door

The theme of the party “Mystique Madness”

Before the party really got started, CR MSSC employees were playing live music. Apparently they have a CR “club” for music/band in the Philippines

CR Manila’s “GLEE” club performed

CR MSSC dance club also performed

There were about a dozen caricature artists onsite…a little souvenir of the night.  (Tia and Robbie)

Fortune Tellers were also available

Photo booth souvenirs from the evening.

Filipino magician Jeffrey Tam (who won “Close-up Magic 2 years in a row) performed for us and was a judge of the End of Year Performances

Matt was on the “Yellow Team” (I.T.) participating in their performance

Yellow Team was the “First Runner Up” for the year long competition and got 2nd place on their performance in the points department. They did WIN “Best Mystique Story” and “Best Performance of the Night”

There was a live (CR employee) DJ who had some great music playing after the performances and awards

Matt and Robbie held their own on the dance floor

We all had a really fun evening


For those who care to watch Matt’s performance here is a link…WARNING: It is 20 minutes long; Matt has 3 separate parts, one in the beginning, middle, and end.

More photos of MSSC Christmas party here.

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Harry Potter Party

August 16th, 2011 5 comments

Months ago Kalani got into Harry Potter. It all started with her getting Lego Harry Potter video game for her birthday day. She started to watch the movies and talking about it with my sister. Finally we got her to start to read the books. She has wanted me to throw her a Harry Potter party for a few months, but I just kept putting it off. We had some pretty fun vacations I wanted to enjoy before I thought about having a party.

Finally the vacations came to an end and I had time on my hands. I googled “Harry Potter party ideas” and my search gave me LOADS of ideas. I couldn’t do everything that I saw or read about, but I did do a lot. We had around 30 people attend and I think everyone had a good time…even the parents.

"A Magical Day" sign on our garage

They had to run through the "brick wall" to find the correct platform

Sign on our front door

Professor McGonagall had to give some instructions to all of the 1st years

The sorting hat told everyone which house they belonged to

Everyone got to choose their own wands

Each house had their own class schedule

They all practiced spells using their wands

Potions class

Mixing the ingredients to see if they made "Goblin Goo"

Our bearded dragon was part of the Magical Creatures class

Everyone hatched their own dragon egg and inside the slim was a baby dragon (dinosaur)

The Magic 8 ball was used for Divination (the art of fortune telling)

Everyone went home with one of these "fortune tellers"

Transfiguration class = dress up class. A witch, wizard and house elf

End of year feast in the Great Hall

Dragon Snot


Everyone enjoying the feast

We also played my version of quidditch, but because it is so hot outside we didn’t play for very long. I had a lot of fun hosting this party. I don’t know if I will take the advice of one of the students and have a party every year though.

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Valentine Party 2010

February 15th, 2010 1 comment

I love having my sister near me because she is a “Party Planner.”  She is starting her own business make it myne where she plans and throws parties.  She wanted to do a Valentine Party and mentioned it to our aunt and uncle.  They said okay and she started planning.  We had to come dressed as a “couple” and had some fun food and played some fun games.  It was great to see everyone dressed up.  Matt and I came as Lois Lane and Clark Kent.  I was surprised that Matt would dress up when as a child he wouldn’t even dress up for Halloween.  I ordered glasses and a t-shirt online and even got him to color his hair black.

Other couples seen that night include a Pink Lady and T-bird, Morticia and Gomez Addams, Mary Poppins and Bert, Ron and Harmonie, Barbie and Ken, and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (who won the best costume).  Thanks to my fun family and friends for a wonderful night.

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