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Hawaii Vacation

Yes we just got back from Europe, but when my brother decided to get married in Hawaii, we needed to make that sacrifice and get on a plane and spend time in Hawaii to support him!

They are the reason why we went to Hawaii

We had a super fun week. My aunt and uncle joined us and celebrated their 20th anniversary. And then my uncle’s brother and wife asked to tag along to celebrate their 20th anniversary as well. We are Hawaiian and everyone is part of our Ohana…so of course it was great to have more people join in the celebration.

Tuesday: Fly in, eat, find our house and the beach

This beach was 100 yards from our rental house

Wednesday: hike to the lighthouse with Cheryl, swap meet & Pearl Harbor and attend a bridal shower

My college roommate's mother-in-law...and my friend. I've known her for 12 years and she finally met ALL of my family

Great way to get some exercise...walking to Makapu'u light house

Visiting the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor

Thursday: Spend the morning with Cheryl going on a hike, visiting a lava tube, spitting cave, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s house, pick up Matt at airport and surf

All of us that hiked to the top of the ridge above Hawaii Kai

Tom Selleck's home for "Magnum P.I." that we saw on our hike

We walked through a lava tube and found ourselves here with the ocean at our feet

They got soaked at Spitting Cave

I think Dog is a fan of himself with this mural on the gate of his home

Surfing in Waikiki

Friday: Temple wedding & Polynesian Culture Center

I love to see the temple...especially when a sibling is being married (sealed) inside

I love my sisters and that we could all be together on the temple grounds

And I love my brother and my NEW sister

Learning about the island of Fiji as a family

The groom was able to take part in the Tongan village show...after being married for 5 hours

Saturday: hike to Maunawili Falls and wedding reception

Prom photo while on our way to Maunawili falls

The wedding reception was really nice. The bride sang and had friends perform songs. And the food was AMAZING! I love Hawaiian food. It was wonderful to see the 2 families together and how easily it was to work with each other.

Sunday: church, visit Punchbowl Cemetery & family get together

Memorial weekend at Punchbowl Cemetery

Sitting around "talking story"

Monday: drive around the island and fly home

Since our flight didn’t leave until the evening, we had some time to kill. So, we drove around the island. Up to North Shore and back towards the airport. We stopped at the Dole Plantation and Iolani Palace and tried to remember the beauty of the island.

Did you know this is how pineapples grew?

More Hawaii vacation photos

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  1. August 8th, 2011 at 18:29 | #1

    Loved looking at your pictures! As I saw the bride and groom I realized I met your handsome brother a few times! Ashley Akeo was in our ward for a bit and her grandma is still in my ward, Manoa ward! They are such a good looking couple! If I had known he was your brother I would have chatted more with him. :0) the world keeps getting smaller!!! How are you?! :0)

  2. August 8th, 2011 at 18:53 | #2

    It sure is a small world. And Ashlee’s parents are in my college roommate’s in-laws ward. Life is good and busy

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