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Cebu Fun

Friday, November 30th was Bonifacio Day (day to celebrate the birth of Andres Bonifacio), so that meant VACATION time for the family.  We booked a trip to Cebu through Fly Seair and stayed at the Shangri-La in the Ocean’s Wing.  And then we flew back “home” to Manila on Sunday.  It was a quick trip, but nice to get away and be together as a family enjoying the beauty of the island.

Ready to go to the beach on the last day of November!

Building sandcastles and playing in the ocean

Kalani got buried

Mini golf with each hole representing some part of the Philippines…Mason loved this


Mason found the swings

Matt found a hammock

Matt and the kids under the waterfall at the “Main Pool”

Kalani at the kids water park area

Boys at the pool. Mason LOVED going down the slide in the background.

We had dinner at watched a “cultural show” and then had our picture taken with the performers. It wasn’t as good as the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, but still enjoyable.

The kids had to share the pull out bed…our kids are spoiled in that this was the first time that they HAD to share the bed with each other.

We finally went paragliding…we tried a couple of year ago in the Carribbean, but the weather didn’t permit

Up, up, and away!

It’s more fun in the Philippines!


More photos of Cebu vacation

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