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El Salvador

August 26th, 2011 7 comments

June 19, 2000 I boarded a plane and headed to El Salvador after spending 2 months at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and how to be a missionary. It was a crazy adventure and helped shape me into the person I am today. While in El Salvador there were 2 earthquakes (7.6 & 6.6 magnitude plus all of the aftershocks), rumors of starting another war, 9/11 happened, and all the other crazy things that happen when you live in a 3rd world country.

Aftermath of the January 13, 2001 earthquake

When I left the country on October 11, 2001 I didn’t really have any plans to ever return. Then we traveled to Matt’s mission in France and that was fun to see his areas and the people he taught. I kind of wanted to return to my mission, but it had to be for a good reason. When the prophet announced that a temple would be built there…that was the reason to return. I got in contact with a couple of my mission companions and we made the return trip happen. And of course there were many adventures.

135 operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Flor de Izote is the national flower of El Salvador and is seen in the decor throughout the temple

Youth Cultural Celebration

After 10 years it was nice to see that the country has made some progress. They now have a beautiful temple of the Lord in their own country. But, there were things that were also still the same…the food, people riding on the back of cars, animals on the side of the roads, beggars, friendliness of the people, etc.

Fit as many people you can, however you can is the rule in El Salvador

Salvador del Mundo is still there...drove around it a few times

Koloshanpan...the flavor of El Salvador

FAB...the laundry detergent we used as missionaries

We ate at this McDonalds every Monday before we did our shopping...It was called Hiper Pais, but Walmart took it over 3 months ago

El Salvadorean enchalada

Typical breakfast...eggs, beans and tortillas

PUPUSAS ... so yummy!

The roads aren't well kept...I drove around that big crack

I had a bad day driving...left the headlights on, needed to ask for a jump in Spanish, something needed to be replaced around the battery and the windshield wipers started to go off.

It was a great adventure and I am so happy that I was able to return to my mission with my mission companions. And if anyone wants to go to El Salvador (don’t know why you would unless you served a mission there and want to go back now) you should stay at the Hotel La Posada del Rey Primero. Super friendly staff, clean, near the city and temple and close to a yummy/inexpensive restaurant called Tipico Margoth.

A couple of the staff members "Here to serve us"

More photos of El Salvador

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Boys Away so the Girls Play

August 8th, 2010 2 comments

Matt had to go to California for work and had the brilliant idea to take Mason along with him since both of our parents live in California, and Mason is still FREE to fly.  The grandparents loved the opportunity to be with their grandson who they really only met at Christmas last year.  So that meant that Kalani and I would have a week of doing “girl things” or at least things that would be difficult to accomplish with 14 month old Mason!

So, here is what our week consisted of; plus some eating out and Kalani swimming at our aunt’s house:

Sunday – Kalani had her cousin Olivia spend the night

Laundy room painted with bead-board and trim

Monday – Kalani and Olivia watched my niece Jaedyn while I painted and put up bead-board and trim in my laundry room.  It turned out pretty well, especially since I didn’t know what direction I really wanted to go when I started.  Went to blockbuster and Baskin-Robbins to end the day.

Tuesday – Painted Mason’s room…nothing excited just the same color as the rest of  the house.  Attended a Hawaiian Family Culture class in the evening…going to try to learn how to make some of the traditional Hawaiian crafts.  And Kalani had her cousin Caleb spend the night

Toy Story 3 in 3-D

Wednesday – Watched “Toy Story 3” in 3-D and then went SHOPPING!  Kalani has been wearing the same 3 shirts and 3 jeans for the past 5 months…hopefully now she will change her wardrobe a bit and actually wear some shorts in the hot, humid Texas August!

1st fondant cake decorated

Thursday – My wonderful sister watched Kalani so I could attend the temple.  Then I took advantage of my alone time and finally used the massage gift certificate that I have had since I was pregnant with Mason.  After I picked up Kalani I went to a friend’s house and learned how to decorate a cake with fondant.  So, easy and fun…I think I may have cake decorating a part of our homeschool curriculum this year!

Jedi Kalani...or maybe a Bounty Hunter

Friday – Our year pass expires at the end of the month so we went to NASA for a couple of hours.  This summer they were showcasing Star Wars Clone Wars and Kalani was excited to try to be a Jedi.  I then had lunch with a friend from California and her daughter while we were down by NASA.

Kalani's idea of fun while I was being pampered

Saturday – I got a free facial at ULTA and then spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry.  My reward for my hard work and for Kalani being such a good kid this week we went back to the movies and saw “Despicable Me”

Sunday – Matt and Mason got home and we are a happy family together once again.

I wore her out with all of our mother-daughter time

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