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7 years old

It is crazy to think that we have been a parents for 7 years!  We have a smart, funny, friendly, spoiled daughter.   We took Kalani out for her birthday on Saturday to IT’z and took her cousin with her for company.  On Sunday we had a family birthday party and now on her actual birthday we are spending it as a family.

Enjoying a birthday ride at IT'z

7 fun facts about Kalani:

-wishes her name was Hailey

-loves Harry Potter

-wears the same 2 pairs of pants everyday and changes into one of the 4 shirts she likes

-loves video games…especially the LEGO video games for the xbox

-acts out the movies that she is watching

-wants one sister and one more brother…4 kids total in the family

-Night Owl…sometimes doesn’t go to bed until midnight


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