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Relief Society Culture Night

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has one of the oldest and largest women’s organization in the world.  Every March there is a celebration for the anniversary (March 17, 1842) of this women’s organization within the church.  And in the Philippines there was also a celebration, but it was a bit different from what I have done in the past.  The stake/area that I reside in decided to celebrate “Women of Asia” for this anniversary celebration.  The 6-8 wards/groups were asked to represent a different country by doing a dance and and singing the country’s national anthem.

Our ward was assigned the Philippines.  So we learned the Filipino National Anthem, did a traditional (ifugao) dance and provided traditional food.  Our whole performance was only about 5 minutes, but other groups where 10-15 minutes.  Another difference in how things are done in the Philippines compared to the states is that these Relief Society activities are for the women of the church ages 18 and above.  So, in the states only the women attend.  However, for this celebration in the Philippines whole families came to support and watch the show.  So, Matt and the kids came to watch me and the other members of our ward perform.

Our Relief Society sisters who sang and performed

Our relief society sisters who sang and performed

Another group of relief society sisters that performed...I think this was China

Another group of relief society sisters that performed…I think this was China

These women represented Saudi Arabia

These women represented Saudi Arabia

Doing our dance...yep I'm front row

Doing our dance…yep I’m front row

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